Filthy, Human Overlords, is J.V. Gray's latest action-packed and darkly funny collection of science fiction stories. You can visit a future where people sell their bodies to medical science or join an archeologist as he leads a team of explorers who fearlessly investigate alien ruins on distant worlds. Discover what happened to the extraterrestrial theme park in Alvord, Iowa or join a group of eccentric alien hunters based in Brooklyn, N.Y.


274 pages

THE ADVENTURES OF PENELOPE HAWK will take readers on a journey through the fantastical world of Marazia, the place all children go each night to dream.


Penelope lives in Reedville, New Mexico; a place once voted the most boring town in America, but when Lord Tasm, King of Nightmares kidnaps her mom and puts the entire town under a spell, Penelope discovers that she’s the only person who can save them.


So Penelope embarks on an epic and action-packed adventure, joining forces with a dragon, a robot, a magician and seven Warrior Princesses to stop the Nightmare King and his army of monsters.


Author & Graphic Novelist



Max Brand's classic western novel reimagined as an epic fantasy that brings Greek Mythology to the 19th Century American Frontier!


Red Pierre blazed a trail of vengeance that stretched from the frozen Canadian tundra to the scorching desert of the American South West searching for the half-man half-Nightfallen gunfighter that murdered his father. Possessed with a supernatural power, McGurk survived hundreds of gunfights without a single scratch, but he never faced anyone like Red Pierre - A Sunslinger with the power of Promethean fire.


After six years of riding outlaw with the Jim Boone gang, the only thing standing between Pierre and McGurk is a remarkable woman with power and secrets of her own.


Filled with action, adventure, romance and thrills, Sunslinger: Rider’s of the Silences transports readers to a very different version of the American Wild West where outlaws undertook Herculean quests to rival those of ancient Greek myth.


250 pages